Justin Bieber – Heartbreaker (With lyrics)

Justin Bieber – Heartbreaker (With lyrics)

Justin Bieber – Heartbreaker (New Song 2013) DOWNLOAD : https://hotfile.com/dl/225979752/13660c9/Justin_Bieber__Heartbreaker_2013.mp3.html Justin Bieber Hear…



matthew herrick says:

your all fuckin stoped i hope justin bieber DIES

ThtLilChick says:

But it forreal don’t even sound like him

Janelle says:

because it’s not him. it’s Khalil Underwood

ThtLilChick says:

Love this song

Lunamusic13 says:

It even says what’s right what’s wrong

Jen Marie says:

Iove you justin~ Jennifer (:

Anny llanos says:

Justin heartbreak!!!

sammygirl427 says:

BUT IS THIS JUSTIN THOUGH?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Janelle says:

no, it’s Khalil Underwood

arieltaylor1 says:

This is khalil underwoods song “whats right whats wrong” Get yours checked.. 

arieltaylor1 says:

It’s khalil underwood.

arieltaylor1 says:

Khalil Underwood. “What’s right, What’s wrong”

arieltaylor1 says:

you are gonna look real stupid when justin uploads his real heartbreaker song. This is khalil underwood’s song called whats right whats wrong. you smart.

RicanJoeMusic says:

hey guys I got the instrumental version on my channel!

Hannah Hardisty says:

guys this is Justin. he was talking about it about iton clever and this was playing in the background. So we arent beliebers for being right? Yeah.

marcynhanascimentomn says:

Love you JB

Calvin n says:

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gabby calixto says:

this isn’t Justin Bieber and it’s not even the real Heartbreaker song

ThoseOneChiqs says:

its not even justin
but its a really good song

KittyKitour says:

I already fell In love and u sure its Justin??!?? It sound to se Cute

AlllyssaDrewBieber says:


kiara trinidad says:

Not just Justin, but a really good song!

bieberjustinjb1 says:


wendhyline says:

its not Justin but good song tho

Tank Dempsey says:

That is justin lol

NeyNey RulesIt. says:

lol no this is not Justin. As a Belieber I can tell you that right now. Fake.

Christy Macias says:

I dont care whos its by its a good song (;

glowindadark100 says:

Btw guys. This doesnt sound like him. Even with autotune or acoustic.

jazminmartinez79 says:

It Sounds so sexy!!!

Mayeling Rodriguez says:

Maybe one of the songs on the album

Mayeling Rodriguez says:

This not the song

you make me proud cathy anderson says:

check out Warren Heart: Sunrise  omg he is hot

Hannah Latorre says:

Thank you! Finally someone who is actually smart enough to realize this isn’t our Justin!!!! <3

Hannah Latorre says:

It isn’t justin!

Hannah Latorre says:

your obviously not a belieber because this isn’t him. The song hasn’t been released yet dip shit. This is Khali Underwood. Justin wouldn’t be calling Selena a bitch. He poured his heart out on the new songs on believe acoustic about how he loved her. Please do your research and know your facts if your going to call out other beliebers that are actually right…

babimendes23 says:

Y Love You.
Eu Te Amo Anjinho!

laporte2954 says:

I know it’s not Justin WTF:o

Amir Lakandula says:

this is justin voice…

shanice stoby says:

This not justin we BELIEBERS know

brittanysparks849 says:

umm uu clearly don’t listen to Justin bieber very often cuz this is him and it does sound like his voice so get ur ears checked :p

Klarekelley1118 says:

Hey check out my new song setting you free at klarekelley1118!!

bckaylover says:

your obviously not a real belieber if you think this is not his voice -_-

Austin Garvey says:


Austin Garvey says:

This isn’t the real heartbreaker song this isn’t even sung by Justin bieber somebodies faking.. Goto the Justin bieber veto he just posted the real heartbreaker on veto. 🙂

Jennifer Howard says:

it may not be justin bieber but its a good song. so yeah..

KyleeSullivann says:

This isn’t justin…haha not even close to his voice

shanice stoby says:

This song is good but y is he cursing

Flandori says:


devanshimathur says:

this song may not be sung by jb , but this is awesome blossom ,just heartbreaking .This is khalil’s song and he proved he’s also one of d best singers like jb ; song is MINDBLOWING.

mari says:

it’s good song but that’s not justin voice the song does’nt belong to him

mari says:

it’s good song but that’s not justin voice the song does’nt belonge to him

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