An Interview with Justin Bieber in 2013.



sbasketball17 says:

he is not humble at all. take your own advice justin.

jakethebait says:

Wet pussy everywhere

Alexislovesyooh00 says:


Alexislovesyooh00 says:

I feel bad for him though, he doesn’t have time to hangout with him friends! Even if he does and there in public he won’t get left alone!

SharkBait7o2 says:

@comment12423 The fact of the matter is, all these people are being slaughtered, and you’re worrying about ONE young man! Get your prioritie straight

CraftyAG84 says:

The fact that he now has 40+ followers on twitter

comment12423 says:

Great comment.
More humans have been slaughtered this century than any other century in our history. Over 100 million murdered by governments, admitted on congressional record. Instead of attempting to figure out why, these peons spend their focus primarily on commercial entertainment. The eery part is they are obsessed with Bieber yet walk right past a hundred decent guys who look just like him. Brainwash at its finest.

TUN444 says:

bieber fans are fucking annoying

Far Canal says:

Ok you little stinkypanty bieber loving slutbags, you might think your few million brainwashed followers will impress this homo, but in fact there are billions of angry real men waiting patiantly until we find this anorexic fail body sperm sack outside a club etc alone.

We promise you we will do the world a favor and bash this fail voiced faggot to death.

He has been slammed in the ass so many times all it wants now is ushers dick etc

and will never ever think of your little hairy twats.

thedwraable says:

Just watch his face when the journalist asks him how his personal life is..he seems sad

noemistephanie93 says:

this is from 2012

Bella Switzer says:

I love Justin Bieber! I’ve wanted to go to his concerts since i was 8. I’ll never have enough money to, though.

OrangeJackson says:

Seems like a good guy, hope he is able to keep good people around him.

Bieber Fan says:

everything about him is perfect!! 😀  ♥JB♥

NullesWa says:

you do know that’s a fruit right?

billie-claire Churchill says:

 I don’t have an IPhone I have a Blackberry…

Far Canal says:

Why does this anorexic. fail bodied, spaghetti armed freak of nature have to walk like a gorilla to swing his necklaces? And why does it hide behind security guards screaming like a bitch im gona kill ya. ?

listen bieber take my advise get a gym membership fast and for gods sake use it

don’t think your going to get big arms fucking around with your faggot hair, you need to lift bro.

And please stop taking your shirt off at every concert its makes us wana puke

And pull up the pants

NullesWa says:

Pretty sure looking like a faggot is not straight…

feyberry says:

Hey beliebers!
Check out my music video of All Around The World?
This means a lot to me,
So watch it, like it, share it 😀
Vote this up so more people can see it please?
Thank you so much if you do! <3

VollyballChick0228 says:

Oh yeah that explains a lot why the video starts with a bunch of girls screaming for him!! Hmm yeah seems pretty gay right?
Ohh and by the way…he’s straighter then you will ever be!
So just stop talking!

David Ying says:

you hipster you, pathetic.. playing gears off wars all day long and rageing on the internet LOOOOL

David Ying says:

i’m a 26 year old dude who listens to metal and blues, and i find this dude a professional and good at what he does. and a kid who seems to make a large portion of people happy. kudos to justin biber, to you jealous little farts out there

NullesWa says:

I like how it took you like 2 weeks to find and answer to my question, and no, i can’t get an “app” since im not a retard idiot with fucking iphones up their asses, i have a real phone, an android.

ezio99100 says:

Throw holy water at it and kill it with fire

billie-claire Churchill says:

Then get an app

NullesWa says:


Juan Diaz says:

I’m a 25 year old dude and I honestly think this kid is the man. props son. Anyone who says not is a jealous hater.

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